Watch below video to know more about the S1R Baton II


✔ Compact But Powerful

The S1R Baton II is the second generation of Olights flagship rechargeable single CR123A/RCR123A powered side-switch EDC flashlight.

✔ Power Enough to Light up Your Way Home

This extremely compact flashlight reaches an incredible max output of 1,000 lumens thanks to the included new high discharge rate battery.

✔ Stunning and Vibrant Orange

The vibrant orange is a new member of Olight's S1R II family, with which we wish you a life of enthusiasm and encouragement.

✔ Compact and Light Weight

The magnetic rechargeable tailcap is integrated into a unibody design for a more streamlined and refined look producing a smaller profile.

✔ Perfect Grip Experience

While retaining the classic look of the Baton series, the S1R II features an articulate texturized body pattern that provides a great feel resulting in a firmer grip than the previous generation.

✔ Highly Efficient Charger

Comes with an upgraded MCC1A magnetic USB charging cable that Is more compact and offers a faster 1A charge rate.


S1R Baton II (battery included) x 1

1MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable x 1

Lanyard x 1

Pouch x 1

Battery box x 1

User Manual x 1